Friday, September 14, 2007

Editors Pick!

Sorry it's been so long since posting- we had serious computer problems and I rarely had access long enough to check my email let alone post. But we're all back to normal around here and I've been able to get online and promote my shop a bit more, which means that cape orders are picking up, which is pretty cool.

I was approached last month by Jessica from NW Kids magazine about being in this months issue as an "Editors Pick" and sure enough, there I am! Here's a link to the entry about Panjo in her blog: Pretty exciting for me! I have recieved a few orders from it already.
I did a trade with Nate's Wife last week- Nate is an artist, and his wife steals his art and sells it on Etsy. She puts it on shirts. And magnets. I made her son a darn cool cape (see below), and in exchange got a rad shirt for Max and some fridge magnets. He loves his new Breakfast Dragon shirt.


Nate's Wife said...

Max is makin' that dragon shirt look awfully cuuuuute! And, yes, rockin' rockin' cape. When I pull myself together from this cold, and Cyrus feels bettter, I'll take a pic of him flying around in it!

Pretty Fun said...

N is For Nate's stuff is so great! I bought a print form them a while back. Good luck with your show in November and thinks for stopping by my blog.