Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I've been tagged!

New blog and already I have been tagged! From Angelique, at Snow Angel Designs. She makes adorable dolls, and is a great photographer who also sells her wares on Etsy. To be fair, I was tagged over at our family blog months ago by Kathie with Ramonster... who also now sells her fabulous clothes on Etsy. So here's for you both... thanks!

The game is....get tagged and post 5 random facts about yourself and tag 5 others. You also have to make sure to post a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

5 Random Things About Me…

1) I love musicals. I used to do a bit of community theatre after I graduated in high school and it was so much fun. I wish I could do it again! Maybe someday, after I take up voice lessons again...

2) Speaking of music, I’m a bit of a music geek. I rarely listen to music on the radio, and therefore don’t hear a lot of new artists. My car CD player is stocked with Indigo Girls, Matt the Electrician, Tuck & Patti, and of course my brother’s new album- The Vinyl Trees. Add a few Putamayo kids CD’s, a John Denver album, and that about rounds out my collection!

3) I love to play games. I have a HUGE collection of board games, and am happy to sit down and play at a moments notice. I also love video games, mind benders, card games, crossword puzzles, and other games like Bocce Ball. We haven’t played games much in the last year since Max was born, but I look forward to the time when he is old enough to play with us!

4) I love to travel. We’ve been all over Western Europe and SE Asia. We hope to take a year off and travel the world with our kids sometime. Whether it’s siesta time in Italy, a 5 year old drinking Guiness in Ireland, or seeing the kids bathing in the rivers in Cambodia, travel completely changes your perspective on life in America!

5) I have had some… unexpected jobs. I currently work as a sign language interpreter, doing video relay interpreting. I think interpreting is the best job in the world. Knowing another language gives you the opportunity to meet so many people. You get to be a fly on the wall for a variety of things- interpreting college classes, doctor appointments, job trainings, theatre… you name it! Before interpreting I have worked as a nanny, school age child care teacher, and supervisor at FAO Schwartz. Before that I worked at a game store (soooo fun!), sold Mary Kay Cosmetics (not fun at all) and even did a few jobs impersonating Marilyn Monroe. There are photos around here someplace…

OK, so now I have to tag 5more people. Hmmm... I don't know many other Etsy sellers, or many artisans or craftspeople with blogs. Give me a few more months and maybe I will have more! For now, here are some friends and one Etsian who blog. I hope they forgive me if they have already been "tagged"!

1) Breana with her blog The Journey. Breana is a good friend, and an amazing mama!

2) Chaos, who hasn't posted in awhile and I really miss! Another wonderful mama to the fabulous Fiona.

3) Kathleen, who recently just had a new little girl. Hmmm, maybe she won't have time to be Tagged. Oh well, here it goes! Biscuit Raising...

4) Mary, of Ballard Famiglia. Mama to Giacomo. Adorable.

5) Lemon Cadet, who I have never met, but whose blog I read and stuff I love. You gotta visit her shop!


Angelique said...

Thanks for playing! Sign language interpreter...that's so GREAT.

kyouell said...

Ok, I'm working on it -- writing off-line and I'll post it when I'm done.

Breana said...

marilyn monroe?! we need to see pictures!! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES!... :)