Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creative Handmade Holidays

We are taking the Handmade Pledge again this year. This means that we are making many of our gifts by hand, and are shopping for handmade, preferably local, gifts for the rest of our gifts. You might be thinking, "Lame. There are only so many knit scarves and macrame plant holders a person can take." but I encourage you all to think outside the box! Etsy is an amazing place to shop for creative, unique gifts. Here's what shopping for the holidays looks like for me.

"Hmmm, what are we going to get for Dave? He's really into bicycling. Let me do a search on Etsy and see what I find." I do a general search throughout all of Etsy and it yields 2332 items. I add the word "mens" and it narrows it down to 305 items. I can handle that. I also try it with "bicycle unique" and "bicycle man" to see what that gives me. Then I sort by price. Here are some of the cool things I find that I could get for Dave that are handmade:

These pins are $1.50 by lolabot. They also have a lot of other bicycle related items.

Shirt by Vital, $24

Recycled Bicycle Gear Bottle Opener by Foundry Wear $25

Matted and Framed 8x10 print, "The Bike Mechanic" $75 by Mary Williams Photography

Custom Bicycle Headbadge for $120.

Two Bicycle Pint Glasses by Bread and Badger, $28. They have loads of other cool etched glass pieces, and they are located here in Portland.

So you see- cool stuff! You just have to look for it. In the next few days I'll be posting a few of my favorite unique items from Etsy. Check back in for ideas for kids, teenagers, baseball lovers, and crafters!

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katy said...

Thanks for shopping for my husband as well, Ellie! I think the glasses would be perfect as they combine his other love - BEER! I'm off to check 'em out and hope they ship internationally.

Think my new niece will be ready for her first cape next Christmas.

Hope you're well!