Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy New Year!

New Years Resolution? To get this cape business a bit more organized. That means keeping up with my blog, even if it's just a photo! I've also been setting up my sewing room with new shelves, and trying to find the best way to get things in order. I want to get better photos of the capes, and fine tune the website. If I write it here in my blog then I HAVE to do it... right?

As Seen at Cool Mom Picks
Cool Mom Picks, one of my favorite review websites, wrote a nice review of my capes- you can read it HERE.

When Mama Speaks did their review we did a giveaway for a free custom cape. The winner, Brittany, wrote about it in her blog. I have had a few customers blog about their Panjo supercapes, and many send me photos. It is so much fun to see pictures and hear stories about everyones SuperKids! One of my goals is to get a photo gallery up on the website soon.

Last week I also made the front page of Etsy... twice!!! The fabulous Katy, of Sycamore Baby got a screen shot for me. Oh! And she also is using a photo of my son Max on her site to show off her El Corazon shirt. Fun!

You might notice a few changes to my Etsy shop. I now have an "In-Stock" section where I have capes already made and ready to ship out within 2 days! Coming soon- capes big and small...really! Custom ADULT supercapes, and custom doll supercapes. There is a rockin' new gift certificate designed by the Banner Fairy, that can be emailed to you or to the gift recipient (or sent snail mail) right away. Great for last minute shopping or if you can't decide which fabric to get. I have several new fabrics, here are a few of my favorites. Oh, and I'm now offering Minkee on the solid color side for an additional cost. This is super soft, swirly, and girls just LOVE it.

Oh, and I don't have a picture, but yesterday I got some really yummy red minkee. I'm hoping to make a couple of really fun "Love Capes" for Valentines Day. Look for them in the "In Stock" section of my shop.

That's it for now!


sycamore baby said...

hee hee hee - are you branching out into "adult" accessories with your minkee love cape? Thanks for the write up.

Dana J. Tuszke said...

Ellie! I just came over to your blog (I saw the link in your e-mail) and I laughed when I saw the CoolMomPicks link. I usually read what Kristen and Liz have to say on a daily basis, but I've been sick the last few weeks that I totally missed their write-up of your work. I'm thankful that I googled and found you!